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I am the girl you’ve always dreamed about but you know you'll never have. I have always been very dominant and learned at a young age that I had a very strong power over men. I was always a daddy's girl and was spoiled rotten. I enjoy the finer things in life and I get what I want. I am a Princess!

I only accept paypigs and slaves that are willing to submit fully to me.

Unless you can submit 100% to me and plan to tribute often, leave now. There's nothing here for you. I do not accept all subs so get to begging! I will own you and turn you into my little puppet where I control the strings! I will humiliate you and use you for my amusement. I will leave you broke and miserable. Youre pitiful and pathetic and you still plead to worship me. Haha. I am not your girl next door. I am superior and bratty and will take nothing but the best! Serving me is a full time job. Get ready to be manipulated and mindfucked!

Do not waste my time! I will not reply to any contacts without a tribute.